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AWoodco Transmission Service, you will be treated with honesty and courtesy. Whether a transmission repair or replacement, we offer the finest service and pay meticulous attention to detail.


Our commitment to serve our community…

The philosophy of Woodco has always been to provide our customers with straightforward information and clear-cut answers so that they will reach a knowledgeable decision — one that best serves their needs.

Our outstanding service to Atlanta and the surrounding areas and our nationwide warranty make us one of Georgia’s premier transmission repair facilities.


Our commitment to preserve the environment…

We have found a way to solve the problem of oil waste for a number of years.  In so doing, we’ve addressed the problem of disposing of waste oil in an environmentally safe manner.  In fact, our waste oil provides for our total heating needs during the colder months!  This creates a saving in consumer use of oil, in disposal fees (so that such a cost need not be passed on) and preserves our environment, all at the same time.


Our commitment to provide excellent service…

This ongoing commitment to offer the best possible transmission service has drawn customers from central Georgia, Fulton, Fayette, Henry, Clayton, Dekalb counties.

Located in South Fulton County only five minutes from downtown Atlanta and five minutes to the Atlanta Airport, we’re close to all of the major South Atlanta freeways.

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We’ve had a passion for restoring vintage Chevy trucks for a long time.  Click to view magazine article with photos.