Woodco’s Fleet Services for Atlanta’s finest companies….

Woodco has handled numerous large fleet accounts over the years.  We help your business control your repair costs and get you back on the road in record time!  Here’s why our commercial fleet business accounts appreciate what we do:

  • you want honest, quality work
  • you have deadlines to meet
  • you need the work done right
  • Woodco delivers cost-effective repairs
  •  you have business schedules to keep
  • you get discount pricing
  •  you can have flexible terms
  • you experience quick turnaround
  • we supply the highest quality parts
  • preventive maintenance options




Woodco takes pride in helping you control business costs, keeping your fleet on the road longer and provides a nationwide warranty on automatic transmission repairs.

The bottom line is that sending us multiple vehicles saves you thousands of dollars. We have several lifts and are able to keep numerous vehicles up in the air at one time. With this many lifts, we can keep at least one open for fleet and commercial accounts.

The following are just some of our commercial clients:

  • Carey Limousine Service Swissport Cargo Services
  • Childress-Klein Properties
  • Allen Electric Company
  • Georgia Dept. of Transportation – DOT
  • Checker Cab Company of Atlanta
  • Auto Finance (Authorized Repair Facility)
  • Mechanical Services, Inc.